Tips for writing a winning offer

                           5 Top Tips For Writing a Winning Offer in Fort Worth Market

The Dallas/ Fort Worth area is a difficult housingmarket for homebuyers.Inventory is at a all time low.As interest rates begin to climb, the pressure is on for the buyers to just settle on a home. 

With somany buyers competing for the same property, its imparative to put together the best offer up front. 

1.You must have a strong financial backing. Most listing agents want to see a pre-approval letter from a local lender. I take my clients all the way through the under writing process. This makes our offer stand out because not only are we pre-approved we are through underwriting. 

2.Include a proof of funds letter.Ask the lender to include that you have the extra  funds to pay over asking.

3. Larger earnest money. If you are serious about the home, make sure you doa largre earnest money. Alsoyou want to do a large option fee.

4. Remove all Contingencies fron the contract. Eliminate the days to obtain financing from the contract. You can also give up the option period. 

5. Have flexibilty. Give the seller a flexible closing date or leaseback option if they need more time. Consider giving the seller a contingency to allow them time to find their new home. 

Even in the fast real estate market, I am able to find buyers the perfect home. 

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