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The Dallas Fort Worth real estate market is fast-paced and image-oriented, with first impressions often making or breaking the deal. Every step of the way, Keely Harris has proven expertise in perfectly curating your listing to attract your ideal buyer.

Each Dallas community has a distinct personality, with a colorful history and atmosphere. Keely Harris is an experienced listing agent with the knowledge and professionalism you will need to guide the selling process. For the most favorable selling experience, a blend of information about preparing your home for sale and partnership with the right agent is the winning combination. We have a seller's guide to help with the former and are confident that our team provides the latter.

Screen Appeal: Staging and PhotographyKeely Harris Sells North Dallas / Trophy Club & Surrounding Areas

The first impression a potential buyer gets of your home is almost always online. "Screen appeal" has become a replacement for "curb appeal," as the vast majority of buyers prefer to look at the online listing of a property before ever seeing it in person. Within seconds, your home's screen appeal (defined as how the house appears in an online listing) informs buyers on whether they are interested in your home and how well maintained it is.

To have the best screen appeal you can, focus on a combination of staging and quality photography. Improving your home's screen appeal starts with simple tasks, including:

  • Decluttering
  • Replacing personalized decor with items that appeal to a wider audience
  • Storing pet food, beds, and other items
  • Deep cleaning
  • Painting any chipped spots or patches on the wall
  • Addressing lighting to avoid having dark rooms or yellow tones

Staging can be a DIY project, or done with the help of a professional. If you decide to stage the home yourself, consider whether each room will appeal to the general public. Avoid overly crowded rooms or spaces that appear unusable. If you have a wide open basement, for example, consider staging it as a game room or home gym.

When it comes to photography, hiring a professional is a must. We have experienced, proven professionals to recommend.

Choosing the Right Renovations

Preparing a home for sale can be daunting, especially if you think your home needs to be renovated before listing. Before making any moves towards a renovation or remodeling project, call us. We know what current buyers are looking for in the area and can quickly tour your home and give our expert advice regarding which renovations will be worth your effort and finances, and which can wait.

Ideal Timing

You're probably hearing many people debating about whether now is a good time to sell. The bottom line is, with the right professionals and an informed selling strategy, you can sell your home any time. Some general industry tips for identifying the right time to sell include:

  • Avoiding listing during a major holiday or back to school; summer is often the preferred time to sell
  • Listing on a Thursday to maximize exposure for weekend buyers
  • Selling when your home looks its best, generally during the spring, summer, or fall in the Dallas area

Deciding on Pricing

Another factor many sellers are concerned about is pricing the home correctly. Pricing is a complex component of selling your home because a price that is too high may result in a lack of attention or complications when the appraisal takes place, while a price that is too low may result in your leaving money on the table.

The best way to be sure you are pricing your home correctly is to work with high-performing agents with a proven track record in your area. That's where we come in. For this step, and every step of the selling process, we are ready to walk with you on your selling journey. Contact me any time to get started.

 Contact me below for a FREE listing presentation, even if you're not ready to list just yet! Getting ahead of the game is the key to staging, preparing and pricing it right for the right market at the right time! Let me help get you to where you need to be.

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